Who I am

My name is Fernando Mascarenhas. Training and content development are the activities to which I dedicate my time, knowledge and efforts.

I train people so that they can better develop their tasks and strategies, grow in their careers and live better. I have a lot of passion for this work that I do and I always seek that each class is a contribution to the life of everyone who is listening to me.

I have been in this activity for more than ten years, in universities, training centers and consulting companies. My subjects are those of those of the business world since I have extensive and diversified professional experience. In the beginning, in systems and then as an executive in commercial, financial services, automotive, leasing and as interim manager in construction machines, consulting, distribution and human resources.

I write content to convey my opinions to people or simply to explain the results of some topic that I started researching. Writing is communicating. I have deep admiration for the great authors of books and also for those who, almost anonymously, write blog posts about the wide diversity of topics we have on the internet.

I am supported by my formal education, the many training courses of which I was a participant and, mainly, the many hours of study, reading and writing that I have dedicated to it.

In the formal part, I received an electronic engineer from the famous Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, Brazil. There I learned to think as an engineer, which means mastering the art of defining, specifying and solving problems. At the University of Michigan I obtained my MBA after a fantastic program that trains the strategic vision and its applications to the daily problems that must be solved when one takes over the management.

Formal education and professional experience gave me insight into some important issues and soft skills, soft skills, which are very necessary when you manage groups of people and have to communicate, lead and influence.