A Hobby In Times of Quarantine

As in the Wild West, there is a dangerous bandit on the streets that forces us to be locked up in our houses. This bandit virus is forcing us to change habits and manage our free time in a time of pandemic and quarantine. To all those who are struggling with this new reality, although we know it is temporary, here is a gift that will help you, I hope, to pass the time in a much more pleasant way.

Shortly before all this situation arose, I had met again with the hobby that I had in my childhood and part of my adolescence. A fan of auto racing, I used to build my own race cars out of cardboard to play with. And it wasn’t just any car, but perfect copies that required multiple photos of the originals to understand all the details. I made hundreds of race cars, and then I also made passenger cars, planes, and military tanks. Unfortunately, I have no photos of all that work that was lost in time.

Last February, I designed and built a race car based on the new Formula 1 rules for 2021. It is not a copy of any specific model but, we all know, cars of the highest category today are not very different from each other . As it is not a copy, I felt free to paint it as I wanted and, therefore, I decided through painting to pay tribute to the great idol Ayrton Senna. I invite you to see the photos that I publish of that car.

And here comes the gift.

I prepared the parts of a car easy to make, for those who are starting in this hobby. All parts and instructions are available in a file that can be downloaded as many times as you want at no cost from my website. Make this fun. Assemble your cars, as many as you want, and paint them in a cute and creative way. You can also add different accessories on your own initiative and inspiration. For example, each car can be “tuned” by adding wider wheels and a rear spoiler. Make up whatever you want.

Build paper cars alone or with your children or grandchildren. To play or just to collect. Keep your head busy with a clever hobby during these times of pandemic and quarantine.

Click HERE to download the file with all the parts and assembly instructions.

Perhaps it is not clear in the instructions that you have to glue the ribbon as you roll it to form the wheels.