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In the year 2020 we had a lot of time to think. With the quarantine and social distancing that governments around the world imposed on us, locking us in our homes for many days, we had a lot of time to think about what we want for our lives. For many people, the answer to that question came in the way of creating or growing their own business. Even more so because, due to these confinement measures, many people lost their jobs and many others had to change their function to continue working.

The project of creating your own business often comes from the intense desire to no longer depend on a job that may not be there tomorrow. Many times it comes from the idea of ​​a better, innovative and creative product. It can also come from the vision that one can offer nothing new but do better than those that are already established.

Whatever the reason for the project, it always starts with dreams, hope and a lot of work from the beginning. There are many difficulties to overcome in the implementation and start-up of the project, even if it is a digital business that does not require physical facilities.

In addition to the risks of each business, the complications that entrepreneurs must face are always present such as the statute, books, employees, balance sheet, business plan, marketing plan, projections, tax documents, in Finally, all the concepts that, due to not knowing them well, cause nightmares to new entrepreneurs and also to those who are not new but never had the time to learn about those things in an organized way but on the fly.

The natural tendency is to put all those things in the same folder that refers to the bureaucracy of the company and, therefore, try to delegate as much as possible of them to professionals such as accountants, lawyers and consultants. And that is a mistake. The best solution is to learn the concepts to be able to demystify them, to stop being afraid of them. In addition, all these issues are not less important than the “business” but they are the business. Without proper formalization, the business is no more than just an idea.

For example, many entrepreneurs think that the balance sheet is something the accountant prepares because it is required by law and only serves to determine the amounts of taxes to be paid. However, the balance sheet is the form used worldwide to evaluate how a company is doing and also to evaluate the performance of those who manage it.

To help make new business creation easier and more accessible to more people, I am uploading one topic per week to this YouTube address: It is a channel that has just been created and, for the moment, the videos are only in Spanish.

The idea is to show in a simple way the concepts that entrepreneurs need to know to manage their projects with more security. The goal is not to teach entrepreneurship. The videos aim to give an entrepreneur the basic knowledge of running a business.

Hope it helps everyone! Questions, criticisms or any other type of comment are welcome both in this blog and directly in each video.

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