Taller than the virus

It looks like quarantine is ending soon!

The news from Europe and the United States is “good” now that the pandemic is no longer showing its scary numbers. The quotation marks are there because the contagion and death data are never good, even if they are small. Here in Argentina, the provinces are already in almost normal life while the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires is still in lockdown but a little more flexible. At last, the nightmare seems to coming to an end!

Could it be that we should be so optimistic? That is the question I ask myself every day when the local numbers are published. Just as quarantine begins to relax, the number of infections spikes. Coincidence or consequence?

There are many versions, depending on who answers the question.

Beyond the fact that the president said on May 9 that the curve had flattened and the subsequent numbers did not confirm it, there are people who say that there was an initial error in the strategy, something like an original sin. What they say is that the quarantine in Argentina started too early, when it was not yet necessary, because of the government’s fear of knowing that the health system was not ready. So it seems like it never ends. It is the longest quarantine in the world and it has gone from quarantine to eighty days and it will be one hundred before it ends.

Well, I’m not a specialist in the subject, so I don’t know if that version is correct. I only mention it for someone to investigate and confirm or not.

What does seem irreversible to me is that the quarantine is almost over. If it is not by law it will be due to financial need and also to tha fact that people can not stand it any longer. Look what happened on Monday in Buenos Aires with running. On the first day, thousands of people gathered, surely many do not dedicate themselves to running and they never did that in life. But there was a huge demand, the demand to leave home. Surely today, three days later, there are still people whose muscles ache from Monday’s activity, because it was the first time they ever ran in life.

From reading so much about the Corona Virus in these many days of confinement, I am happy because, as Michael Porter would say, I have a competitive advantage. This virus is, among all other known viruses, a large virus because it measures a maximum of 160 nanometers. Exactly! Measured in meters it would be 0.00000016. The good thing about that is that the virus, when thrown into the air by a sneeze, cough, or just the voice of an infected person, falls to the ground by gravity.

The competitive advantage is that I am tall, that is, with shoes and thick winter stockings, I am above the meter and ninety. I am above the mouths and noses of most people. In fact, I see the hair of many people form above and see parts of their hair that the owner cannot see in the mirror. I take air where very few people can shed viruses, where the air is purer and less polluted.

Ok, then! For my side, the closure is over!

In time: just in case, I put on a face mask. That Chinese worm is big but light, so let us not take a chance that a small breeze makes it visit new altitudes!

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